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About DMR

White Vans Fleet - imageAt DMR, we like to think of ourselves as a little bit different. We are much more than a 3 lettered acronym – we are Dex’s Midnight Runners. We operate right through the clock, making deliveries whenever you need. So whilst most of our work might be done during daylight hours, it isn’t unusual to see our drivers on the road at midnight too.

Three core values are the bedrock of our business:

  • we aim for at least 100% all the time
  • we earn the trust of all associated with us
  • and the money has to be a win-win for both sides.
But it’s the people who make the real difference – they are the ones who practice our values on a daily basis to make sure our customers will become our advocates. So we are very selective about who we work with, whether they are a driver, a supplier or a customer.Derek Bennion, Former Owner
DMR has been in operation since 2001.