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Quality and Health & Safety

Dex’s Midnight Runners takes Quality and Health & Safety seriously.

Not only do we have key team members responsible for making sure that we practice what we preach, but we also bring in external consultants for our annual reviews. This way we can make sure we are doing everything we can to deliver a safe and quality service.

And our safety record is second to none… with over 5 million miles travelled and only 2 vehicle accidents (which were not our fault), you can’t do much better than that!
Just a few things that demonstrate our approach are:

  • ISO 9001 2015 accreditation
  • ISO 17025 – Our procedures have been externally judged to be compliant
  • Our vans are checked daily to ensure they are safe, clean and well-presented, with more thorough weekly checks also conducted
  • Our vans and fridges are serviced regularly to ensure they are optimised for the environment
  • Our drivers are taught safe and environmentally sound driving skills
  • We have a lone-worker policy in place to keep our drivers safe
  • We instruct the driver to turn on the fridge at the most effective and economical time for each run
  • We recycle paper and printer cartridges
  • We use environmentally friendly paper for printing
  • Our vans are white because this is the most environmentally friendly colour