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Going the extra mile and how!!!


Going the extra mile and how!!!

In late autumn 2016 one of our top customers, a major food producer, was faced with an I.T. change that affected their whole production and order process. Consequently over an 8 week period, DMR was asked to make 153 deliveries (normally c 35), often with less than 90 minutes notice, collecting from 3 different sites and often delivering to deadline. This could be anytime 24/7, occasionally required storage and meant we had to work together with other Couriers too! And all without compromising the service requirements of our other customers.

An easy (though costly) solution could have been to use temporary van & man resource. But how do you maintain your high service and experience level by doing that? We chose to work with our own drivers on finding optimum working patterns, juggled our Manager rotas to help cover the work, slotted in 2 more high spec. T.C. vans and enlisted the help of our regular support drivers and trusted UK Partners. We even worked with our other customers who were incredibly positive, some adjusting their own needs to help cover our major customer’s extra work. Through these actions we made sure everyone got what they needed and when!

This paid off handsomely as just at the time when our customer needed it, we met ALL their additional demands. In addition, through using our experienced drivers, we were able to help our customer with order control and checking at the collection and delivery points. This proved crucial as it helped get the stock orders 100% accurate.

The Company Supply Chain Manager said “That was a difficult period (last November/December) but with DMR’s support, understanding and patience we were able to supply the majority of customers. I have personally thanked all at DMR who went that extra mile”