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Taking the initiative to ensure that every little helps…


Taking the initiative to ensure that every little helps…

During 2015, DMR was contracted by a major Environmental Testing Company to collect samples from their major client, Tesco. This required a weekly timed collection from a number of Tesco Regional Distribution Centres with delivery to 3 different testing Laboratories by certain deadlines. The fresh meat product required absolutely certain handling and temperature control with a full audit trail. DMR understands and is geared up for this very type of work: we understand the negative impact any testing failure at the Laboratory.

So no surprise when our contract was extended! But during 2016, DMR took on an extra role. The main facilitators at both Tesco and the Laboratories left within a week of each other and shortly after the routes changed. Initially things did NOT go well! But DMR took the initiative, tweaked the required times/routes with the agreement of all and critically provided the ongoing liaison point for all parties to ensure a smooth regular operation.

The Testing Company’s Operations Planner said “the Tesco contract is a big deal for us. At the time I took over this planning role, DMR had already ensured that the Tesco Quality Managers were happy with the arrangements. Since then we have developed the project further and enhanced the serviced while reducing our costs, and this partly from DMR’s input. What I really like is that DMR keep a full record of everything: I have complete confidence that should it ever be needed then DMR’s records will provide the accurate answer”

The Tesco Quality Manager comments “our Laboratory testing arrangements simply have to be right. We have full trust in the current arrangements which include a very proactive courier service”