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DMR ‘Instrumental’ in delivery…

DMR ‘Instrumental’ in delivery…

A Shropshire businesswoman who waited over a year to receive a handmade musical instrument she had was disappointed when it arrived with a problem.

The specialist flute, made by a renowned London craftsman Mike Allen, was ordered by Elizabeth Walmsley of Tariff Reduction Services, telecommunications providers, of Whitchurch.

“It needed tweaking slightly – a problem which could only be fixed by the person who created it,” said Elizabeth, a member of Shrewsbury Light Orchestra.

“When I realised there was a slight problem and the flute needed to be returned to London, not having the time to make the trip personally,

I didn’t want to risk the instrument being lost on an overnight transit”

“Thankfully Shrewsbury same-day couriers DMR Ltd, based on Battlefield Enterprise Park, really saved the day for me,” she said.

“Their driver Stan Edgar, from Longville, arrived in London at 9am and after talking to the manufacturer he found out that the instrument could be fixed within the hour. He dutifully waited and returned with the flute completely fixed, personally delivering it back to me in Whitchurch at 2pm.

“I was very impressed with this outstanding customer service and believe that such individual attention to detail deserves to be recognised”

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