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Transport Companies Back Up Service

Transport Companies Back Up Service

Why DMR are a cost effective Back-Up Solution

Do you often have vans on standby, waiting for a busy period of time? Do you find that when orders spike, or customers have made an error, that you don’t have a van or driver available? Do you ever send a large temperature controlled van to deliver just a couple of pallets? Do you want to make cost savings across your business?

If any of these sound familiar to you, then look no further than DMR. DMR provide a back-up to your own fleet of vehicles in order that you can save money during quiet times or busy periods since we know from experience that these things can happen when you least expect it. Whether you are after a temperature controlled or ambient van, we can provide you with what you need. Whilst we understand that we may not be the only transport solution for you on a day to day basis, we are both willing and able to back up either an existing customer or a transport company’s fleet of vans.