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Uncertainty delivers a Happy Christmas for couriers!

Uncertainty delivers a Happy Christmas for couriers!

If I hear one more politician or business leader moan about the current uncertainty……………!! Most of us Temperature Controlled and Same Day Couriers say to them “welcome to our world!”

Much of what we do is supporting manufacturers and their production lines, other large Logistics providers and those where the transport “just has to be correct and auditable”. That means we are not needed at all sometimes. Then we are needed at short notice and in larger volumes than we can easily cope with. Is that “uncertain” enough for you?

I shouldn’t moan: the more uncertainty then the more DMR and other Couriers are needed (it’s too long to explain why!), so uncertainty certainly gives us a “Happy Christmas”

Sorry for the soap box rant! Now what issues in the Courier Industry are going to affect you this Christmas and into 2018?:


1. Food Storage is scarce! One major Producer we support is having to transport product in bulk 104 miles only then to need it back before the New Year

  • WINNERS: Us in Transport with them extra miles
  • LOSERS: Us the consumers (well someone’s got to pay) plus more Co2 into the air

2. Look out for the next food “scare” early in the New Year. 2 Sisters have had the recent bad press but word within the industry is that they are “far from being the worst”

3. Some food product is in short supply, that’s quality food product from British producers. Watch out for restaurant menus changing as chicken dishes become a delicacy!


It’s too early to be sure but most Overnight Carriers and the Royal Mail are confident they can cope with the usual peak pre Christmas. Deliveries from the last minute rush will be interesting though, I wonder how smoothly the warehouse picking will go and that’s before we delivery companies see anything!

From us, here at DMR to all our customers and fellow couriers- a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.